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Triathlon Smartwatch
Triathlon Smartwatch
Triathlon Smartwatch
Triathlon Smartwatch

Triathlon Smartwatch

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The Triathlon Smart Watch has the aesthetics of a premium smart watch with advanced features built right into the smart watch design. Perfect for running, swimming and biking. Training or racing, this tool will give you an edge!



  • Messages and Media Notifications
  • Health Monitoring: Heart Rate Monitoring, the measurement of blood pressure, and blood Oxygen
  • Waterproof
  • Quick Charging 
  • All Languages Supported
  • Highly Sensitive Touch Screen
  • Compatible with ANY device
  • Additional Features Including Alarm, Calendar, Audio, Recording
  • Media Notifications: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Wireless Charging
  • Onboard GPS


Pedometer, Sleep Tracker, SMS/Message Reminder, Dialling, Mail Lists, Music Player, Bluetooth, Sport Mode, Headset Capabilities, Mobile Function, Calendar, Calculator, Clock Display, Sedentary, Sleep Detector, Recording, Camera, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp etc.